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Wash Basin

CANRUN® is a professional design, manufacture and sales of wash basin Manufacturers and suppliers in China. We specialize in the production of stainless steel material SUS304 for washbasins, stoves, windows, toilets and other RV accessories for 15 years, our products are exported to more than 40 countries, with strong technical support, good quality and service, providing high High-quality kitchen and bathroom products. We insist on our own characteristics, be brave in innovation, and strive for ingenious product structure, diverse functions and convenient use. We have rich experience in exporting products, no matter which country you are in, CANRUNR® can deliver high-quality products to your country. The CANRUN® products are exported to more than 40 countries. We have a complete and efficient production and processing system and of export process, so that you can receive the goods more efficiently. At the same time, our products have multiple certifications, such as CE, CSA, etc. CANRUNR® can provide a variety of styles and high-quality Plastic Wash Basin to meet the kitchen modules of different models, making it more convenient to use water and clean during outdoor camping.
CANRUN® Plastic Wash Basin can meet the kitchen space of various scenarios, such as RV, yacht, camper, bar and small apartment, etc. It can effectively use the space inside the RV and yacht shower, and at the same time design a column, which can be used to store the interior Plumbing to enhance the interior of your RV and yacht. CANRUN® can provide customized drainage hole opening size, no matter what size drainage hole diameter you need, it can meet your needs, and can be matched with a variety of foldable hot and cold water faucets. Plastic Wash Basin not only has a variety of beautiful styles, but also has the characteristics of durable. The plastic material is very light in weight, which meets the lightweight characteristics of RVs and yachts. The curved design in the Plastic Wash Basin makes the drainage smoother, and the surface of the wash basin is treated with a special process, making this sink easier to clean.
CANRUN® Plastic Wash Basin is suitable for kitchen countertops of various types of RVs and home improvement in the world. CANRUNR® Plastic Wash Basin is used in RVs in the Chinese market, and leading RV manufacturers choose the CANRUNR® of wash basin system. We have a complete production system and process. As Manufacturers and suppliers, we can meet the needs of high-volume production and complete the delivery of orders in time. At the same time, we are also focusing on the research and development of more and more high-quality RV series wash basins. Through the constantly updated production process and design, consumers can get a higher experience of use. We pay more attention to the control of details, and the thoughtful arc edge design prevents the user from being accidentally injured by inertia during the driving process and ensures the safety of the user; there is a better wrapping design at the dead corner, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also convenient in the future. Cleaning of dead corners after prolonged use.
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CANRUN has been producing Wash Basin for many years and is one of the professional Wash Basin manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We are aiming to provide low cost and highest quality Wash Basin to our consumer, and looking forward to work with more and more global e-cigarette brands. Besides, we have obtained some international quality certificate. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.