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Portable Camping Box

CANRUN® is a manufacturer and supplier of room car bodies, bed car camping boxes and camping equipment with Chinese characteristics. Portable Camping Box is a popular product of CANRUN®, due to the flexible closing and unfolding characteristics of the product. When in the closed state, the Portable Camping Box becomes extremely small and exquisite. It is a flat polyhedron, which is easier to place on the flat ground. The light weight can be easily carried by one person, and the compact size can save more money when placed in the car. trunk space. In addition, the material of the Portable Camping Box is made of honeycomb aluminum plate and anti-double board, which is zero formaldehyde, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, and very firm and hard. When in the unfolded state, it becomes an open-air kitchen environment, solving the dining problem of outdoor camping.
The CANRUN® Portable Camping Box can be used in outdoor spaces in various scenarios, such as beaches, lawns, gravel roads, etc. No matter where the camping destination is, you can take it out of the car and unfold it, unfold the metal frame and place it firmly on four legs on the ground. Open the upper triangular bracket to extend the length of the countertop and place kitchen utensils such as sinks, chopping boards, cassette stoves, pots and so on. Great use of space. The Portable Camping Box makes it easy for us to cook outdoors. The box also has storage space on the upper and lower floors, which can store the odds and ends of the car, the owner's personal belongings, and the cooking supplies in the kitchen. The door is locked with a rotating transparent material on the side to prevent the items inside from accidentally falling out. The weight of the storage makes the Portable Camping Box more stable and solid on the ground.
CANRUN® Portable Camping Box can be placed in any car model, such as car, SUV, MPV, van, etc. No matter which car the customer is, there will be no problem of incompatibility. CANRUN® has a complete production system and process. As Manufacturers and suppliers, it can meet the needs of large-scale production and complete the delivery of orders in time. At the same time, we are also focusing on the research and development of more and better portable camping boxes and camping equipment, and through the constantly updated production process and design, consumers can get a higher experience of use. We pay more attention to the control of details, strictly screen each sheet, so that the sheet far exceeds the pass line of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and humidity resistance, carve the details of each fold, and rotate and tighten each screw that has passed the quality inspection to make Portable The connection of the Camping Box is smoother and smoother.
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CANRUN has been producing Portable Camping Box for many years and is one of the professional Portable Camping Box manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We are aiming to provide low cost and highest quality Portable Camping Box to our consumer, and looking forward to work with more and more global e-cigarette brands. Besides, we have obtained some international quality certificate. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.