What kind of saloon car is suitable for long-term living


What kind of rv is a good RV? Before you start buying a car, there are a few major features you need to focus on.

First of all, it is very important, choose what kind of car it is about the future of your driving problem, now there are many models to choose from, such as chase chassis, chassis, ford iveco chassis and so on, it depends on what kind of car do you like, automatic, diesel engine, gasoline engine, the configuration options are rv life is closely linked with you. Choosing a well-configured mode of travel can save a lot of trouble.

Secondly, is to choose B type or C type saloon car, which depends on personal preference to choose, my personal suggestion is that office workers because of work, can not take ordinary saloon car, or choose B type saloon car. In terms of commuting, he has a few of the biggest advantages, without being limited by the urban road, the influence of high disadvantage is that the space is little, warmth retention property is poor, free time, or retirement, I suggest choose C type rv, advantage is that the space is large, sandwich plate heat preservation performance is good, large storage space, defect is bulky, driving feeling bad, is affected by urban road high limit. In a word, choose which type of rv, according to their own needs, and is now popular trailer trailer, trailer trailer market in foreign countries is very big, there is a complete set of rv camp, can be very good to meet the needs of long-term living in the camp. As a result of the domestic rv travel way started late, camping ground construction lag behind, and camping ground management is not standard, I think with the popularity of rv travel, there will be more rv camping ground in the future, camping ground construction and management will also improve.

B type rv, for about two people. Advantages of small body, low body height, convenient driving, suitable for urban roads and usually can take care of work, in order to facilitate parking. Disadvantages are: because the car body is small, light weight, so the interior space is narrow, water and electricity equipment capacity is small, go out more rely on external facilities.

C type saloon car: the general body is larger, wider, higher, such as expansion box, etc., the internal space is mostly B type saloon car. Due to the large space, the capacity of internal water and electricity equipment can be increased accordingly, with strong self-sustaining ability and less dependence on external facilities. Disadvantages are: the width and height of the car body will meet the obstacles of height limit, the basement of the community can not be entered, and the parking lot occupies two parking Spaces. When driving, pay attention to the speed limit and obstacles such as trees, buildings and cliff.

Thirdly, dynamic configuration of the power system on the car, can be said to be occupied an important part of car configuration, under the circumstances of less in today's domestic refugee camps, dynamic system determine whether or not you satisfied with the good saloon car, said the trip go walking, the warmth of rv is also called mobile harbour, deserve to go up your satisfactory dynamic system, can make your trip more pleasant and comfortable. How to configure a more ideal scheme? To the location of the rv electric lighting, TV, acoustics, refrigerator charging the mobile phone, computer, electric rice cooker, induction cooker and other basic needs with the same in the home, car electric available two road on the electric system, dc and ac two road system for the 12 V or 24 V, dc voltage is mainly used for lighting, cell phone charging, etc., high-power electrical main rv is alternating current (ac), electric rice cooker, induction cooker, fridge, etc., Before buying a house, it must be clear that there are saloons burning naturally, which are basically related to the power system. The saloons electric system includes a more complete solar power generation system, energy storage system, driving double generator system, inverter, etc., and the configuration of lithium iron phosphate battery is not the bigger the better, but can be configured according to personal needs.

Four, the rv water system, the RV water system is generally designed in the underground layer of the RV water system, divided into clean water tank, gray water tank, black water tank. The clean water tank is the main water mounted on the rv. These include drinking water, gray tank is domestic water, black tank is toilet excrement. The wind outside is too strong to wash often, it is recommended to enter the pool as far as possible between 2001300 liters. If conditions permit, it is best to separate the net water tank into an insulation layer (winter anti-freezing), and an uninsulation layer, so that we can go to Heilongjiang to see snow in winter. In short, before buying a car, you must know more about the configuration characteristics of the house.

Five, the bottom of the car is firm and reliable, and can be repaired and maintained in a wide area. If you want to travel abroad, you need a global model, and there are accessories to buy in foreign countries. Rv mostly four to five tons of weight, chassis car power is also set very foot, do not look down on this, do not think power difference can do, unless do not go to plateau high altitude area to play, or over the mountains. Winter is a tiring season. It is also a dangerous season.

Special car special chassis is divided into two categories. They are called load-bearing and non-load-bearing bodies. Iveco and Great Wall Lanzhong of the body are non-bearing type, to put it simply is with the body of the beam, such a body for some bad road conditions more suitable, through the sex is also a little better. Chase and Ford are both carrying bodies, which are more suitable for pavement driving, but they have the advantage of better handling, especially the Chase V80 or automatic transmission, which is more suitable for the elderly and people who only drive small cars. In addition, the road condition is getting better and better. This time, I went from Zhejiang all the way to Tibet and then soon to Xinjiang. The road condition is very good.

Six is the facilities and equipment functions of the car, mainly in line with their own travel habits, passenger capacity to meet your travelers, get rid of unnecessary things, many things are looking good or not practical.

Please detour less, let the rv take us to the unknown world, this is your most satisfied rv!