RV accessories you know how much


In the process of communication with a lot of car friends, found that car friends on the optional parts of the function is not very understanding, optional parts are not installed more than the better, optional parts installed more not to use, and affect the vehicle through the sex, increase the weight of the rv, not significant. Therefore, car friends can be installed according to their own needs. The following happy car for you to interpret the advantages and disadvantages of optional pieces.


Rv awnings

Saloon car awning is installed in the car body outside the telescopic shed, the first role is to block the sun, block ultraviolet rays, in the hot summer bring a cool; In rainy days, it is also a good place to keep out the rain and breathe fresh air. At the same time, the awning is also an extended outdoor living room, in the case of the camp, open the awning, set up tables and chairs, drinking tea, chatting, cooking barbecue is a pleasure.

Of course, the awning can also be replaced by the canopy, which is more complex. If the parking time is longer and the number of people is more, the canopy is a good choice. If the parking time is not long, the awning is very convenient.


Solar charging system

Solar charging system is composed of solar panels and chargers, he is not directly for the use of electrical appliances, but to the saloon car battery charge, extend the parking time of the saloon car, continue to supplement power to the saloon car battery. When the rv is not used for a long time, the battery will have a slow natural discharge, and the solar charging system will continue to charge the battery, avoiding the long-term use of the vehicle feed.

In the daily use of the rv, the solar panel as a current supplement device is still very necessary, although the conversion rate of the solar panel is relatively low, and the solar panel ash will affect the conversion efficiency, as an auxiliary charging system, the car can be less worried about too much electricity can lead to battery loss. In the car to use small power appliances, such as car refrigerator, TV, lighting, these small electrical appliances on the rv solar panels are completely able to hold the live.

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to improve conversion efficiency. If the driving time is more, or the sun is not strong in the area can choose not to install.


Fold and climb the ladder

The main function of the rear ladder is to provide convenience for the maintenance, cleaning and luggage placement of the roof equipment, such as solar panels and large skylight, etc. For the car friends with the top luggage rack, after climbing ladder is also essential, in order to facilitate the owner to climb to the top of the car fixed related items. Generally, folding is used after climbing, which is to avoid danger caused by children climbing after climbing by mistake.

The rear climbing ladder will increase the length of the vehicle by about 20CM. If you go on the roof only occasionally, you can use a large skylight or a bamboo ladder instead of installing a folding rear ladder.


Imported bicycle rack

Bicycle is an extension and complement to rv, a bike rack can store one to two bikes. Rv camp, if you go to the supermarket, buy food, or go to the nearby place to do some things, then you can use the convenience of the bicycle, do not have to drive the rv everywhere looking for parking space, in addition, there are children's car friends can also use it to carry children's bicycles. For tourist attractions where vehicle access is restricted, the advantages of bicycles are even more obvious.

Bicycle frame and after climbing ladder, the length of the license will also be included in the total length of the body, the length of about 30CM, cyclists need to pay attention to.


Overhead luggage rack

The overhead luggage rack is mainly used to support the overhead luggage box and some external supports. The items are placed on the overhead luggage rack to increase the space inside the car, which is convenient to carry a large number of items when traveling. For long trips, you can put some unusual items on the roof. If you want to carry a sampan or small boat, you need to buy a separate stand.

The installation of overhead luggage rack will increase the outer height of the roof, about 10-15cm, and reduce the vehicle passability. If the storage space in the car is large, or the travel with few things, as well as the situation of inconvenient up and down, it can not be installed.


Parking heating system

It is equipped with air conditioning, but the heating effect in winter is not satisfactory, and the air conditioning is relatively dry, and can not be used in the case of no electricity can be connected, more chicken; Parking heater is a good solution to this heating problem. Parking heating is a small combustion cycle heating system that operates independently of the engine. The combustion chamber is completely isolated from the car, and there are basically no safety risks.

The parking fuel heater burns the fuel in the car to heat the coolant in the water tank so that it can heat the car and the engine without starting the car. There is no need to start the vehicle, no engine, and no need to connect the mains. During fuel heating, coolant is always circulated in sealed coolant lines for safety and convenience. At the same time, the parking fuel heater can also warm up the engine, easy to start the engine in winter, avoid cold start, prolong the service life of the engine. This function is more practical for the users in the north, but for the car friends in the south, as well as the car friends who usually drive the rv to the south in the winter, it is not necessary to install.


Four channels outside the car

In fact, four-way monitoring is a panoramic driving monitoring image system, composed of cameras, screens and hosts. Can be located in the front, sides and rear of the four wide Angle camera monitoring body around the state, provide effective and intuitive image, rv due to large volume, parked in the environment is also more complicated, the system brings great help for car parking, drivers can intuitive understanding to parking surrounding environment, to avoid a collision, but also can get rid of a racketeer distress. At the same time, four-way monitoring can also be parked when you can not get out of the car can understand the full range of monitoring around the vehicle.

Four-way monitoring is the need for continuous electricity, and the power is not small, if the rv does not forget to close, it is easy to cause battery feed. If you consider carrying pets, you can consider not installing it.


Rv skylight

Rv skylight can be pushed open, with shading curtain and window screen, the skylight can make the rv air effectively circulation, for the car's relatively closed environment to increase fresh air; In the rv overnight, the role of the skylight is more important, the sealed environment will make the compartment filled with benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, the skylight slightly open, can discharge harmful gases in the car.

The saloon car skylight will increase the brightness of the car, and the view of the skylight is wide, sitting in the car can be outside the scene at a glance, imagine in the vast prairie, lying in the comfortable saloon car looking at the stars, the mood is how happy.

The saloon car sunroof is opened differently from the car sunroof, and the installation of the sunroof will also increase the height of the vehicle.