Before buying a car, find out about in-car cooking


If you list a few you mind rv, essential functions, I guess is involved in most people's list of the kitchen, as a need to have "food and clothing live line" function of saloon car, I personally think that the existence of the kitchen is not just simply adequate food and clothing, travel is bearing the weight of soul, it also makes a saloon cars more fireworks gas...

However, a lot of saloon cars can not provide you with a "soul" function: low power inside the induction cooker, electricity; The electricity kept up, and exhaust smoke in confined Spaces was a problem; Choose outside the car stove, have certain requirement to outside environment again, wind, rain, still ban open fire to stop car spot possibly even to wait a moment, these let be like practical "kitchen" become decoration. Not long ago, Peaches jun in the experience of a new car, found a very easy to use integrated stove, to a large extent to solve the above problems

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