Where should we pay attention to the choice of RV kitchen accessories?


The living area in the RV is divided into four functional areas: living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilet. Without these four functional areas is not a proper RV. The kitchen area is a very important part. Let's talk about the kitchen today.
The kitchen area solves the problem of whether the rider can live in the RV for a long time. General kitchen area main standard equipment: sink, induction cooker, pull-out cabinet, kitchen utensils cabinet and multiple sockets for passengers to use. High quality of life requirements will also be equipped with automatic dishwasher, coffee machine and other furniture appliances. But some of them are not used once a year, so how you choose your kitchen area is also important.
First of all, RV products will be standard with sinks and induction stoves, these two configurations for people who do not often cook, it is enough. Cleaning some fruits and vegetables, cooking some dumplings, noodles are more convenient. Most car riders will still go to the local taste food, but also can choose a microwave oven, heating the instant food will be more convenient.
Secondly, some customers will also make some personalized customization, such as: range hood, coffee machine, dishwasher and so on. First of all, a lot of car friends said rarely in the RV inside cooking, the reason is that the lampblack function to remove part of the lampblack, but the taste is still difficult to disperse, and a long time to use, the RV will have oil stains, so the lampblack machine is not recommended to install. The customers of the coffee machine are very fond of drinking coffee, and those who do not like drinking coffee will not install it. Some customers also choose to install the dishwasher, first of all, our RV travel generally two or three people, can have a few bowls and chopsticks? Hand wash in two or three minutes! Secondly, water in the RV is also a scarce energy, can save some water or save some bar!
Finally, an accessory that could cause a major accident is a gas stove with an open flame. Gas stoves have to be packed with a gas canister, which is like a bomb in the RV, and filling gas while traveling is a challenge. Rv interior is board, easy to catch fire, fire board is only part of the use, RV furniture is wood, not fire.
In addition to the kitchen area inside the RV, there will also be a kitchen system outside the RV, which is mainly composed of outdoor drawing range, outdoor storage and outdoor display board.

Therefore, how to choose accessories in the kitchen area depends on everyone's living habits and usage scenarios.