Work with Australian customers to successfully deliver the first single-room car body



Xinrun RV Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Canrun, has joined hands with Australian customers to develop and produce RV bodies. Among them, 4 types of RV bodies have passed the technical review, and the first batch of prototypes have been packed and shipped to Australia in September.

In the organization of production, Canrun Company has exerted a strong advantage of resource integration. 

Within the scope of the group company, technical backbones are dispatched to focus on tackling key problems, division of labor and cooperation in material supply and manufacturing process, from product development and design to packing and shipping, a total of only use 40 days.
Australian customers were very satisfied after receiving the first prototypes. Now that the new order has been placed, Xinrun RV Technology Co., Ltd. is making every effort to invest in new production tasks.